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I play a paladin. These are my ramblings about what's going on with my character Denethal in the game.

Monday, June 6, 2011

You're a hero! (But a stupid/evil one..)

Yep. Another post in regards of the leveling process of 1-85.

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, you are the very definition of a hero while leveling. All your actions leads you to become the unquestionable legend hero of the world of Azeroth you hear in the stories of old. You are the knight in shining armor, always there to save the day and always emerging victorious, no matter how dire and unfathomable dangerous the task infront of you are.

But.. You are also a stupid hero. Literally. Your legend of heroism is based mostly on you doing stupid things and surviving to tell the tale.

You are presented with menial tasks and expected to deal with them. Even if that menial task is something the NPC's could so easily have managed to do themselves. Or the task at hand could easily be done with your class skills. Only to see an NPC use that exact same skill to do the exact same thing with Private Pollard. (Yes, I'm playing a shaman.)

Combine this with you being asked to do quite stupid things, wich you will do. Such as blowing up a cultist cauldron. (Admit it, you put all 12 bottles in as well!)

Of course, there is also "diplomatical" missions, wich basically is you being an evil bastard and trying to scam the targeted party out of whatever is in their possession. Either by offering glass pearls for land or by outright slaughtering their leader or just all of them.

These are random acts of violence that makes you join the legends. Such as slaughtering eels, just because "eels are icky!"

This goes on all the way from 1-85. You're the hero! But could you go do this for me first? (Warning, will most likely tarnish your reputation and brand you as the most evil being ever to have walked the ground of Azeroth.) Oh, great! You're my hero!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lack of dungeon-sets.

I've been leveling my Dwarf Shaman lately and I have noticed a few things, most notably concerning armor.

With the heirlooms, you look the same all the way until the heirlooms have outlived their use. But there are those who are new to the game and thusly, lack heirlooms.

And to be honest.. They look like clowns, most of the time. Simply because what gear is offered to them from quests and dungeons doesn't have any set or tiers worth gathering, since most of the time, you'll outlevel items fairly quick.

But then you look at the tiered gearsets, where all the pieces put together makes you look able to put your action where your looks are. Simply put, with a few exceptions, you look awesome with a matching set. (Yes, Paladin Tier 5 set! I'm looking at you, you power ranger wannabe!)

The tiered gear is not really hard to obtain, you just have to possess a minimal of mental capability, such as "D'uh, fire is bad, don't stand in it." or "D'uh, of course I have to enchant and gem my gear, they are half the stats!" and of course, to know how do perform their role. (A 5 minute practice at the training dummy will weed out most of your bad buttonmashing and allow you to correct your performance a lot.)

So, what's the reason behind letting people look like clowns when they level up, instead of easy to obtain dungeonsets while leveling?

To give them the illusion that once you reach maxlevel, you'll look cool. Doesn't matter if you are, you will look like it.

That being said.. I want dungeonsets! Gear, that when combined as you level, will provide you with bonuses that makes the lower level pieces worth hanging on to.

If Blizzard wants us to look upon ourselves as heroes while we level, they could atleast provide us with gear making us look like heroes as well, not clowns!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dear tanks:

I am currently leveling a shaman, as the hunter got.. well.. boring to play.

But.. Dear tanks using the LFG tool:

Stop skipping packs of mobs!

Seriously. We're here to farm XP, so that we can level up, not Justice Points. While we do get a nice amount of XP when finishing the dungeon, that is minor to what is inside the dungeon itself.

For instance, Auchenai Crypts, who are at the same level as my shaman, provides 927 to 975 xp per trashmob. (Or ((975+925)/2) = 951 overall xp per mob.)
This is with 20% bonus XP-gain from heirlooms and 10% from guild, wich most of the tanks I've encountered so far seem to have.

I get 10750 xp for completing the instance from the LFG tool.

So.. Give or take, I'd say that Auchenai Crypts got atleast 100 trashmobs we can kill. (I'll extract an log later to give a more correct number.)
Operating with that number, I get 95100 xp inside Auchenai Crypts on average.

Now, why would you skip as much as possible of this xp-pool, just to finish the instance faster?

I don't get that..

Friday, May 20, 2011


I have a confession to make.

In all my time raiding I have not watched a single movie about how to do things. Never had the use for doing so. I hardly read tactics before a fight as well, especially during Wrath of the Lich King, where most fights appeared so obvious on what to do after a testrun, that most of the time, I knew what to do next.

A few pointers now and then was needed, of course. Listening to what others want you to do in a raid environment is just fitting, isn't it?

Even worse, though, I didn't really read up on how stats really worked either. Not that it ever really mattered. It was trivial information you could deduce from just looking at your own stats and talents.
This often led to my specs being non-Elitist Jerk optimalized, but more specialized into what I was doing at the time.

And yet, I never struggled, nor made I the rest of the raid struggle because of me.

You could call me a slacker, but I wouldn't use that term on myself. I'm a learning-by-doing kind of person and I seldom have to do things more than once to understand how something works and how to prevent that thing from happening again later on.
Of course.. There are many things that can cause the famous "Meep." moments in this game and I do belive I've been through most of them.

Most of the time just to see what would happen if I do something, I'll admit that.
And for me, that's perfect. I like to experiment, see how things work for my self and put stuff back together.
It's fun. And playing in this manner is, for me, fun.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

A reason for why people do not follow tactics?

So, I've started to gather a pvp-set. The old one went out the window when I cleaned out my inventory a few months back, since I was running out of space and frankly, I didn't really care what was left in the bags. I was not that overly active in any aspect of the game anyway.

Gathering gear is.. Not exactly rocketscience. Go bash some heads in, receive honorpoints, rince and repeat until you got all the gear you can buy for honor.

Now, if it was just as simple to deal with all the idiots in the battlegrounds, it would be great. There are a few individuals that simply refuses to do what everyone else is doing.
This is done for several reasons:
  • Don't like the current tactic.
  • Here to have "fun". (Despite ruining the game for 9-xx other people playing.)
  • Doing quests relevant to the battleground.
But there is one reason I think many do not consider when summing these people's behaviors up:

The game itself teaches you that you are the hero, not the NPC's, not other players. You. It is you who are the leader in the group, because it is you whom are addressed when handing in the quest. Whomever else is in your group is reduced to NPC's that's not worth mentioning.

This also applies to raid environments.

All quests put you on the pedestal as the superior commander that succeeds where everyone else fails.
You are the glorious one, the honorable one, the savior of the day. Forget about your role in the raid or group. Even if you die 10 seconds into the fight, you are the hero, not the rest.

They are just your support units.

So, if you take this into consideration, is it any wonder you have people who are unable to follow instructions for tactical manouvers given by other players?
After all, you are suddenly not the valiant hero any more, to follow that persons tactic would mean that you are not the commander any more. Not in charge.

You are suddenly reduced to being an NPC in some other persons strategy game.

And that does not go well with everyone, especially those which ego have been boosted on their path from 1-85.

I guess that's why they say that at level 85, a whole new game appears. You suddenly have to learn how to cooperate and to share the spotlight.

So what can we do about this?

Give them a rebirth and let it be traumatizing.
To illustrate,  level 1 to 85 can be looked upon being in your mothers womb for 9 months. It's nice and dandy and you're well taken care of. You are the center of the universe.
But you go through the birth (Ding 85!) and now it's time to take on a much larger world, with other people.

Congratulations! You are now a level 1 again!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A suggestion to Blizzard: Fast rerolls.

There is one thing that I would like to see in World of Warcraft, that only one class in the game currently have: A fast way to reroll on a different server without having to transfer your character.

This is something Deathknights can do, starting the game on a different server at level 56 instead of level 1 every other class must do. Granted, you're required to have a sufficient high enough level character to actually pick the Deathknight class, but that's perfect as it is.

So, what I would like to see, is this:

If you are playing on server A with, let us say, a Mage, whom you raid with, do PvP with or maybe you are an avid roleplayer, like I used to be.
But, if you're to play on a different server, you have two options today:
  • Reroll (Level 56 if you're playing a Deathknight, or level 1 for every other class.)
  • Transfer your character to the new realm, leaving every friend you've made behind.
Now, I would like to see a third option, or rather, an addition to the reroll option:
  • Reroll: If your new character is the same class as one maxlevel character you got on a different server, you can choose to either start as level 1 OR as level 56. (With a starting set, based on your class, the same way as Deathknights do. Gear worth 1c a piece)
Instead of having to play through a tutorial, as the Deathknights do, the character starts at the given race/class location fitting the character. (Dwarven spellcasters in the mage quarters of Ironforge, Human Paladins in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, etc)

Why do I want this option?

Simply put, having to play through all the levels is quite a time consuming task to undertake. And frankly, it's not always worth the effort to transfer away your main character to the new server if it's just to play with friends on the new server, whom may be not quite that good raiders or that into PvP as you are. And if you're in the Arena-PvP, transferring away is only really doable if you're not high ranked or between the seasons.

Heck, make it cost you 5$/€ to do this kind of reroll, it's well worth the money, not having to play the same class from level 1 once again.

(Or even 20$/€ to start at level 80 or somesuch, you do not need to "learn how to play your class" if you already have a level 85 of that class.)