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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The trade channel - Superior deals compared with the auctionhouse

The auctionhouse has it's advantages. But also it's disadvantages.

Last night, I was looking to stock up on some Saronite Bars to use with blacksmithing, so that I could craft some profitable gear. So where did I go? Naturally, to the Auctionhouse.

Only issue with the Auctionhouse, however, is that you got people trying to monopolize the market. And it does seem like that may have been the cause of last nights insane pricing.

9 gold, 99 silver and 99 copper. For a single bar.

Now, while this is quite a inflated price and most likely just a price spike, it's still not a price I'm willing to pay, especially when people refuse to pay what the crafted items cost in materials. Atleast at that price range.

So I turned to the channel of looking-for-group-spam, the trade channel. I announced my interest in buying full stacks of Saronite Bars for 55 gold each stack. And after a few people trying to increase the price I was willing to pay, I got a nice individual that was willing to sell me 12 stacks for the offered price.

That's 660 gold for 12 stacks instead of 2400 gold. Or 3.6 times cheaper than what I would have paid to get it off the Auctionhouse.

The same goes for a lot of other things. Most of the time, you just have to ask if people are selling. And people do look for customers. Those who bother to "Report spam" those who use the trade channel for looking for groups can be rewarded by great deals.

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