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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enlighten me, please.

Yesterday, I was standing about, idling some in Dalaran and I got a whisper, not asking me to tank something, but telling me that I should.

Seeing as I didn't know the person making the inquiry, I simply stated "No." and left it at that. It should be enough and I'm not obligated to give anyone a reason as to why not.

But yet, that's the exact question I get, almost every time. "Why not".

Since I had the time and weren't going to do anything for the next five or so minutes anyway, I figured I'd ask.

Oddball: "come tank weekly!"
Me: "No."
Oddball: "y not?"
Me: "Enlighten me please.. Why do I need to give you an explanation as to why I don't want to tank for you?"
Oddball: "cus u got tnak gear"
Me: "And that gives me an obligation to explain my refusal to tank for you.. How?"
Oddball: "cmon, dont be a jerk, come tank!"
Me: "No."
Oddball: "y not!?"

After that, I simply chose not to respond any more.

Why do people expect me to give any reason at all why I don't want to do anything in a game? Especially if it's a stranger that's asking?

So please enlighten me: Why do I need to give any reason at all for saying "No."?

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