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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting the hang of it.

It's been a while since I did any proper raiding. I quit some months ago, when TotGC was the hardest thing to do. Mostly because it was dreadfully boring.

The same mistakes done over and over by the same persons, every time. It was frustrating, because when pointing out the errors they kept doing, they would ignore it completely, even the raid leaders.

That is, unless the raid leaders grew tired of the retarded behavior. It was raiding with a bunch of retards, that couldn't and wouldn't bother to actually look at their surroundings and see what was going on around them. This resulted into wipe after wipe, frustration and the feeling that I, myself, was a retard for even bothering to go along with them to the raids.

And when the retards in the raid, who due to their attendance and despite their faulty behavior, would win items after items, merely because of the amount of DKP they had scavenged, it was excused with that "they need better gear to compete". Despite them having the best gear in the raid and doing the worst job. It was actually better if they died at the start of the encounter, as it would cut down on the sheer amount of stupidity they would do if alive.

So I quit. I abandoned the game for 4 months and got on with other things in my life. It was not worth the hassle and frustration. Not that the game itself did anything to my job or social life, it was a timekiller in a desolace place with miles to the closest city or community that didn't all revolve around being able to kick a ball, namely soccer. (Or any sport for that matter.)

There will always be retards around you, who will try to influence you to do their bidding, since they fail at what they are trying to do, often miserably. They want you to do the heavy labour and reap the rewards themselves. They will offer you gold for boosting and refuse to pay afterwards. They will demand that you give them stuff you've posted on the auctionhouse, only so that they can sell it there instead. They are the ones who make the game itself a place where you gain frustration, instead of relieving yourself of it.

The lesson I have learned, after joining the Inglorious Gankers project, was that I do have a choise in who I want to play with. I don't have to accept retarded behavior from anyone. Not even retarded discussions in the guildchat.

And this is the core behind this post: Do not, under any circumstances, allow a retard to dictate what you're doing in the game. They will try to socialize their will upon you, try to scam you or take advantage of you, so that they are the only ones that profit from it towards the end.

They are retards. Do not play with retards. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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