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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm a paladin

I play a Paladin in World of Warcraft. I have done that, since the launch of The Burning Crusade and the Horde got the class through the Blood Elves. It was an obvious choice, as I had friends that needed a paladin healer and since they got me into playing the game in the first place, I figured I'd pick something they needed.

But as I progressed, I started to see the flaws, as well as strengths of the paladin class. I was to be a healer, so the natural first instinct was to level as such, the holy way. For a while, it went kind of well, but as I progressed in levels, it became slower and slower to level. Not harder, just way more time consuming than everybody else, despite me going around, twacking things over their heads repeatedly until they died and handing in quests.

Keep in mind that we did not have the LFG tool back then, getting a group would require you to stay in a city and spam the LFG channel, trade channel, general channel and yell after people to group with. Which could take hours. Hours better spent twacking things over the head repeatedly until it got a nasty headache and would just hand me the loot just to get rid of me.

Being holy, I was near indestructible, as I could just toss a flash heal and be at full health again. This was how it was supposed to be, I kept telling myself. But as I reached level 30 and other friends, who played less than me, were now well into the level 50 bracket, I figured I had to be doing something very wrong. It shouldn't take this long to level. Heck, killing a mob usually just consisted of me using Seal of Light and going to grab a jug of coffee, read a some newsarticles, maybe go do the dishes and return to find my paladin landing the final blow. Especially if it was an elite. It was automated play.

So I didn't quite see the fun in the game until I found a leveling guide, along with specs to use and what gear. Protection and Area-of-Effect (AOE) grinding was the way to go! Holy would be my raid spec when I would reach level 70.

The speed and fun increased tenfold with this new playstyle. I could tank instances and as one of the few who actually gathered gear for tanking, I became sought after for instances. But keeping true to my holy self, I also carried and updated my holy gear whenever the oportunity arised.

When I finally reached outland and Hellfire Peninsula, thing changed once more. AOE was still effective and good, but I would now focus on holy, seeing as the new instances were harder and that people started to gear up for the new concept in TBC, the heroic versions of the dungeons we were now progressing through.

And, as I would find out, people were expecting blues all over. Beeing refused and kicked from groups because I had one or two green items on me, I found it hard as a level 70 do actually get geared, as I was refused access to the very instances that had them, despite having more spellpower and mp5 than most other people that were geared for heroics. I also happened to know what the hell I was doing, tossing out Blessing of Protection, (now Hand of Protection), stun mobs with Hammer of Justice that were running after that scrawny mage and so on.

In the end, I gained access, but only by relying on my friends to take me along. As most of them had gone from 60 to 70 only, they had started raiding a long time ago and were thus geared enough to not get instagibbed should I slip up and lose focus for a few seconds. In other words, being properly geared for tanking and not wearing blue cloth or leather to trick the rest of the group into accepting them as tank and blame me for their untimely deaths due to the lack of mitigation they had.

I stayed holy for almost the whole of the Burning Crusade, but eventuall, I got tired of standing in the back, spamming my flash heal button on the tank. I wanted to try to deal damage instead.
The long haul to get properly geared started all over again, but a lot faster now, since I could just go as a healer and grab whatever I needed.

But in those days, retribution was laughable. Crusader strike, which was overpowered at level 60, was rendered subpar to every other classes damage capabilities at 70. When Blizzard finally remedied the error and reverted crusader strike back to what it was supposed to be, most, if not all paladins, had been forced into the role as healer. While we were somewhat decent tanks, we lacked the stamina compared to warriors and druids. But retribution.. Noone wanted them. Seeing as we would wear anything that would provide us with a boost to our damage, even cloth items.

The change for me was when my guild decided to transfer to a new server, due to massive lag and downtime on our server. While the rest of the guild transferred to Stormscale, I went to Argent Dawn, an RP-PVE server.

Applying everywhere I could, a raid community finally accepted me as retribution, but only after a thorugh discussion of what I could offer as retribution.

While I wasn't near the top, not even over the middle on the damage charts, I was persistent and did little to no mistakes. Which was why they kept me around. That and that the raidleader, being a hunter, loved my seal of wisdom judged on the bosses, as it increased all mana using damagedealers longivity and damage dealt. (At the time, judging Seal of Wisdom was a practical boost of 105 mp5 to every mana users dealing damage to the judged target, as well as 3% crit damage and 3% speed increase.)

But I got bored again. Raiding was predictable, the rest of the players in the community, with exception of a few, was bad players that couldn't do what they were told to do, such as not standing in the famous fire. I stopped playing after having reached level 80 and Trial of the Crusader was introduced.

But i kept reading blogs and other websites about World of Warcraft, among those the Greedy Goblin by Gevlon. He introduced a project called the Inglorious Gankers. I figured this would be interesting enough to bring me back, so I paid for a months subscription, as well as a server and faction change. The blood elf paladin named Denethal was now the Draenei paladin named Denethal.

After a while, the project was scrapped, but the community chose to stay together and most of us joined Gevlon in his new project, the Pug, a casual raiding community with people who weren't blatant retards.

I transferred. I'm back. And I will deliver the killing blow. After all. I'm righteous.

I am a paladin.

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