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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Pug - Why it works.

Question: Justify being an asshole.

Answer: Success in leading a bunch of people who are assholes, but whom are afraid of letting everybody else know due to social reasons.

At a glance, many might be objecting to this point of view, as it, for some reason, is inconceivable that some persons do not care about social status and etiquette and that the social glue that keeps us together is all that matters.

But assholes are needed. In every aspect of life, you need assholes to cut through the crap and tell things as it is. Of course, there are different kind of assholes, the successful ones are the ones who know when to be an asshole and when to flow with the stream of stupidity.

Our guildleader, Gevlon may appear to be an asshole. But most of the time, that is out of neccessity, not because he looks at himself as one. And when I say neccessity, it is, atleast from what I've gathered about him, that he simply does not want to play with people that make his gametime less efficient and thus wasted, simply because they belong to the M&S userbase.

Is this the sole reason why people join his project? That he's an asshole that knows what he's doing?

I don't believe that. The people who join, such as me, are just tired of the expectations laid upon us by the retarded social behavior of our old guilds. Being forced to be "nice" and accept retarded behavior is what quircks many players into feeling that they are paying for time, originally intended for enjoyment, feels like work.
They are simply tired of the expectations and demands placed upon them that reduce their enjoyment of playing the game.

"Great! You rolled a paladin! Despite you not having touched holy or protection, except for a few useful talents, you should now respec holy and gather healing gear, so that you can heal our asses while we stand in the fire over here, trying our best not to output useful amounts of damage."

Sound familiar?

We are simply tired of playing with people acting like retards and who try to justify it by even more retarded arguments. Gevlon offered us an opportunity with his PvP project, the Inglorious Gankers on Maghteridon. Those of us who joined and who stayed, found ourselves having a mutual respect for eachother. We treated eachother as adults, not whiny brats who can't tell what side of the sword is the pointy end.

This is the reason why The Pug-guild will succeed. We are not M&S, we are not people who have no clue on what to do with our characters. We can take criticism, as long as it's valid and we improve where we do errors in raid.

This is why.

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