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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An response to Gevlon's post about damage-meter-on-trash:

An response to Gevlon's post about damage-meter-on-trash:

In retrospect, it isn't an issue if it's a raid-spec or 5-man AOE-spec you enter a dungeon with.

Despite the spec, most classes have some AOE utility at endgame that they can utilize.

A more valid argument is that they insist on doing single-target-damage instead of using their AOE capabilities. Even a holy paladin can do nice aoe damage and still heal quite nicely. (Retribution aura + consecrate)

The main issue is those who slack deliberately. They may have 5.5k GS and brag about it, then proceed to use it as an excuse to slack.
The 3.2k GS really striving to do decent damage usually does a much better job than the 5.5k GS just because of that. And yet, it's the 3.3k GS player that's mocked by the player that outgear the instance.

There is only one rule in my dungeon runs: Don't slack. I don't really care what your dps or damage is, as long as you keep trying to do your best.

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