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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We are progressing fairly well in "The Pug" guild. Despite many of us never having been in ICC much, the amount of screwups is low and when we do screw up, most of us admit it openly, even ask for suggestions on how to avoid doing the stupid things again.

This is what lacks in most guilds I've been in. Even the "hardcore" raiding guilds with 5 raidnights a week. People show up here if they feel like it and they come as the role they chose for themselves. They are not forced to heal, just because they got a tree designed to heal well, nor are they forced to tank if they got a tree that's designed to tank well.
When the announcement is made for invites, those who wish, simply state that they want in. And most of the time, they will. Provided that they are not retards that insists on standing in fire is a good thing. Of course, if we are too many and you're not wanting to raid in a spec needed, then you might find yourself outside of the instance, but that's only natural. We can't have 11 people in a 10 man instance or 4 healers and no tanks.

A certain raid composition is, afterall, needed.

So, my role? I'm having fun tanking or twacking stuff silly as dps. And I strive to do good in both roles.
But, seeing as I haven't raided as a tank, that would be, at all, my gear also reflects this.
Now, while I'm aware and fully supportive of the Undergeared project, the tanks there are on-par gearwise with the rest of the raid, so threat isn't an issue there. But in "The Pug", many are way better geared and can easily steal aggro by simply dealing tons of damage to the mobs, despite my valiant efforts to maintain it.

So to remedy this, I decided to farm Emblems of Triumph, so that I could get myself some of the Tier 9 pieces for the bonuses.

Teaming up with a few of the members of the pug, to pug some heroics, resulted in 29 emblems the first night and a new, shiny leg armor to be gemmed and enchanted.

The next replacement will be the gloves and after that.. I'll probably get something from my collection of Emblem of Frost. A few more and I'll have a new chest or belt. Not quite sure which to pick yet, but that's for later.

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