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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Asocial or not?

Gevlon has started a new philosofy-series, called the Magical Skill, where he will try to teach people how to be successful.

While I agree with him in this, there is some parts of it that strikes me as odd. Aren't most players asocial by definition? Sure, we interact with eachother in the game and over the internet in general, but we are by definition asocial, since we, afterall, do sit infront of a computer instead of being out there with friends in the real world. Especially now, during the summer, it is quite evident that we are.

I've never looked upon myself as a social being, I'm more of a person that takes advantage over social people, by playing on their social triggers to get the outcome I want. Especially when over the net, where it's easy to hide my misfits of giggles and bursts of laughter when they do fall for my contraptions.

For instance, I'm having quite fun playing on others social "responsibilities" to help me progress in the game. By queuing up for instances as a damagedealer and then running around, bashing stuff with nothing but my axe. In most of the cases, they accept the excuse that I've been "hacked" and allow me to roll on any gear that's an upgrade from my naked self.

While many will say that this is petty theft, is it really? I could draw a lengthy debate about how it is theft of others to utilize my disenchanting ability without my consent, but let's not. Instead, let us focus on why this behavior is allowed in the first place.

It can be broken down into a single formula.
Being social = Being nice to others.
That's right. It is that simple. People like to look upon themselves as good persons and good persons are nice to those who are less fortunate. Even the Draenei vendors and trainers say that.
And in this experiment, it is painfully evident that this is the reason people let me behave like a greedy bastard without being called a ninja or utilizing other profanity-like words to describe me.

Because I'm in need of "being nice towards". After all, I "lost" all my gear to an evil "hacker", as well as all my gold.  I'm a poor, sapless bastard that deserves their pity and a few greens and perhaps a blue or an epic in a run is nothing to them, as they get their frost emblems anyway. I'm simply getting the byproducts of what they are really after. It costs them nothing to be nice. Except having to drag me around, that is.

And in turn, for exploiting their social behavior, I'm providing them with the feeling of being a good and nice person, which they seem to value more than their characters income.

This is evident outside of the game as well.
You will seldom see or experience the manager discuss things related to the management and wellbeing of the company with the employees. Exceptions exists, of course, but only to the point where the employees are tricked into a sense of appreciation for their work.

But I'm deriving.

How does all this relate to us being asocial people? As mentioned before, we do spend time infront of the computer instead of being out there with family and friends. This is easy to answer. We are not asocial. We're infact very social. We're just lazy. Verily so.

Instead of going out and helping that old lady across the street, we prefer to sit in a relaxed position infront of our monitors and help that virtual "old lady" to cross the street. And that "old lady" being me. I'm a poor, sapless bastard that got "hacked", remember? ;)

Now, people will probably argue about my small and narrow bit of what I mean about social, but keep in mind, I do mean social, not socialism.


  1. The only reason I got into my current guild was because one of their core raiders vouched for me. Didn't veen need to apply like the rest. They thought I was social, helpful, the type of raider that knew the fights BEFORE going in (evidenced by my explaining the strat, but more importantly asking if anybody didn't, and saying I would gladly explain), and appearing competent and familiar with how to play my class (spec, gems, etc).

    I went from a guild that couldn't get past normal Hodir and 2/5 TOC, to a guild that's 10/12 Heroic ICC. And this isn't their "real" guild, just a backup guild to gear their Alts.

    There's a saying in the business world: "It's not what you know, it's WHO you know." Social Networking. But in Gevlon's Black & White, "Obama socialism is ruining my gaming life" and "If everyone was like me, thought like me and played like me, WoW would be a brilliant game and everyone would be happy" mindset, things are very different.

    But then, Gevlon is a guy that proclaims that everyone should ninja items in PuGs, and if everyone ninja'd everything we would all get what we want... so I have no problem dismissing his ideas with ease.

  2. I wouldn't say that his view of things is black and white. A lot of his comments and posts are infact quite in the grey area.

    What he's trying to express might seem like a black and white scenario, but what he really means with his posts? Well, from the looks of it, he wants people to start thinking for themselves, instead of relying on everyone else to do things for them.

    You can whine about people being better than you and have the powers that be arrange it so that you can do the very same, but it won't make those better than you any worse at what they are doing.

    What he's doing, atleast from my point of view, is to say "Suck it up and stop whining. The world does not revolve around you."

    That's my take on it, anyway.