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Saturday, July 31, 2010

First raid as healer

A few days ago, I had my first attempt raiding as a healer.

Healing is fun, as it provides a complete new challenge and tactic, both in who to heal, when to heal and how to locate yourself.
While I got the proper spec and somewhat decent gear now, I still lack the experience needed to become a good healer. And that lack of experience was quite evident when going for the green dragon in ICC.

Task is simple, really. If you know what to do. I'm quite familiar with the fight as tank and damagedealer, but as a healer? Whole new experience to the same old fight.
But I'm a fast learner and tend to pick up stuff quickly. After being told the basics of the fight, we started. We wiped. This may have been due to my inexperience as a healer or perhaps it was due to other errors, but I learned a lot.
Namely:  Beacon dragon, heal it (or players taking damage) until portals open, go inside and get the green orbs, rince and repeat. 

Now, what I didn't know the first time in there, was that when inside the portal, you can fly. I figured that one out with half of the time remaining on the first portal and after that, knew what to do.
Turns out I was rather low on healing on the attempts we did, including the kill. Kind of disappointing, but his is natural as it was my first time healing in a raid environment for quite some time. 

Rotations differ from how you operate in heroics and you need to figure out when to use what ability and where to best position yourself. That and having two druids that kept the raid topped off and having HOTs on the dragon while being inside the portal.
For my next attempt, I'm going to try to refresh beacon right before I enter and then keep tossing my instant heal on myself when gathering orbs. That might help, if it works through the portal.

Other than that, Sindragosa died shortly after and I also learned the importance of preparing focusmacros. They can really save the day.

Back in the days when I was full time holy, staying on top of healing meters was never the main focus for me. People with HOTs and AOE heals would win those hands down anyway. Instead, I focused on doing my best to support the raid with tossing other protective spells when needed.
Hand of Salvation on the overeager rogue or warrior, perhaps even a Hand of Protection if needed.

I'm enjoying the experience as a healer so far, it's easier to tank than to heal, but that might just be my experience and familiarity with every trick and ability on all my keybound buttons that I'm still lacking when healing. 

It's a work in progress. I'm having fun. And that's all that matters to me.

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