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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Focused on the task - A commitment to raiding in wow

Through the years, content have been made easier, gear more easy to obtain.
Where you needed a steady guild, with commited raiders that would show up for each and every raid, you can now just grab a bunch of people off trade and do the same content.

You might not finish all the bosses in the raid-instance, but you're pretty close. Atleast on Agamaggan.
Of course, a lot of the pugs will fail horribly, due to inexperienced raid-leaders or purely by members of the pugged group behaving like retards, unable to follow even the simplest of tactics.
Those who Patchverk is designed in mind for.

But you don't have to be in a serious guild to do serious raiding. You just need a community. In fact, I've been a member of such a community. With DKP and attendance requirement to be allowed to bid, it ensured that those who were a member of this community would be treated fairly when it came to loot distribution.
With our own channel, it were sort of like how "The Pug" is organized.
Free to do whatever you pleased, but as long as your attendancy for the last 30 days were below 60%, you wouldn't be allowed to bid on items, unless noone else needed whatever dropped.

So do you need to transfer to Agamaggan to participate in this project? Not at all. You can simply create your own community with friends or other likeminded and still be in your "firndly halpfull giuld" with your friends.

But to do serious raiding, you need to be focused on the task. It doesn't matter what guild or community or pug you're in, if you're not commited to the task at hand, the raid will fail. And letting others get away with it, is to waste your own time, perhaps as long as a week if you manage to down a boss before wipe-splitting.

Whatever is going on in the guildchat or whomever of your friends that just logged on, is and should be of a far, far less priority. If you can't focus, you can't blame others for doing stupid things. They may be doing what you consider stupid things exactly because of you not focusing and causing those situations.

Ruby Sanctum is a prime example of this. People dying from beams in phase 2 and 3 because they're not focusing. They know the beams will come, but since they're not focusing, they get instagibbed. The same with the debuffs and AOE-effect that follows.

There are so many wipes that can be avoided by focusing on what you're doing, instead of doing things half-heartedly. Or other things on the side, such as watching TV.

I do believe this is what separates successful hardmode raiding guilds from the rest. They pay attention to what they are doing and what's going on around them in the game, while those who fail does not.

So I emplore you. I challenge you. I beseech you:

Focus. It's why people succeed.

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