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Monday, July 12, 2010

The new frontier

Lately, it has been quiet at the Auction House. No real competition in my little niche, atleast until now.
From a steady 35-45 gold for each Eternal Belt Buckle, someone is posting them for 25 gold and in rather large batches.

This basically means that the person is either dumping their stockpile or farm the mats, which is "free". The former being the most likely thing. My guess is that it's a newly transferred goblin, who also have joined "The Pug". It has advantages being one of those who can invite people, hehe.

I guess this means that I'll find another niche to make gold for a while. Not that it was a great loss, since Eternal Shadows prices also seem to have skyrocketed.

There's always a market for those willing to look and I think I've found one already.

Hopefully, I'll be able to raid tonight and even more hopefully, people will be attending in larger numbers now that the soccer world championship is over. Of course, we might see the same numbers, due to summer. And I'm not going to wish that it rains cats and dogs on everyone in "The Pug", bikini-clad ladies are, atleast for me, a very valid reason not to log on. ;)

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