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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marvels of LFG.

I enjoy doing heroics. Even though I've been doing them a lot, there are still ways to entertain yourself in them. You can, for instance, see how big pulls your group can handle. Or perhaps seeing how stealthy and how many packs you can avoid.

This, however, is best done with people you know and who are willing to do this. Definately not by grabbing them from the LFG tool. Sure, you might get lucky and have an awesome team who's up for doing anything, as long as it peeks their interest. But most of the time, you end up with people who don't know what they are doing. Some of those are willing to learn and does their best to improve themselves, while others insists on that what they are doing is the optimal rotation, they have the best spec and everything is to blame on a low gearscore.

They are also usually in the range of 3500 to 4999 gearscore value. (I've yet to hear people at 5000 gearscore and above complain about it.)

A few days ago, the LFG tool grouped me and a fellow member of "The Pug" into a group with some very, in the lack of better word to describe them, epic players. Epic, not as in the term of being the very best of their class, but rather quite the oposite. They are of the ones who you only hear about in the darkest corners of the world, whispered with fear of at the camp fires.

I was tossed into Utgard Keep with a warrior dealing a wooping 810 dps and a priest healer that hardly seemed to know which spell was, infact, a healing spell or a damage spell.

And they defended eachother when called out on it. The warrior thought the priest was awesome, since I didn't die from pulling one full pack at the time and the priest thought the warrior was good, since he "knew tactics".  This because he never pulled aggro off me. Which would be somewhat hard to do with his awesome 810 dps.

All the excuses were used when we confronted them with their performance. And I do mean all of them. Gear not good enough, new to level 80, (as if you didn't have 80 levels to figure out a basic rotation..), as well as saying it didn't matter, it was just a heroic, with the dreaded "lol".

It was just.. epic. Epicly bad. And since they were rooting for eachother, a kick-vote wouldn't have passed. Especially not since we'd only get rid of one of them.

We finished in the end. With the warrior dying after the boss was dead.

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