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Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the path of holy

As of lately, I've been working on gathering a healing set. Grabbing gear from emblems and drops in heroics, I'm now only an offhand short of having all slots filled.
Nothing is gemmed or enchanted yet, as that's only a short stop at the auctionhouse to remedy, and besides, since I'm still working on gathering pieces, I may still come over things that are better than what I got at the moment.
That, and I haven't respecced holy yet, so I'll wait with that until I've installed addons for healing and made some macros.

I'm now in possession of a healing set that's valued at barely over 4000 gearscore. A solid mix of stuff from ICC, heroics and a few badge pieces. Including some blue parts.

I think I'm going to try holy come next week. That can be fun.

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