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Friday, July 2, 2010

People complaining about having to take responsibility.

In his last post, Gevlon found himself forced to explain why the 300 gold for stupid mistakes rule works.

Many argue that it's counterproductive for people, having to pay 300 gold to the GDKP-pot when they do a mistake that causes a raid-wipe.

This baffles me.

While 300 gold isn't much for people with goblinish moneymaking schemes, it is roughly what it costs everyone present in the raid in repairs and time wasted. The logic and math is quite sound.

However, I'm going to try to explain this in a simple way:

Yes. Paying 300 gold when you wipe the raid works as a deterrent. Not only for people to stop doing stupid mistakes, but also to keep the morale within the raid positive. While this isn't exactly an measurable factor you can calculate, it does work for me to keep my morale up, as well as my interest in raiding.

Seeing how we all are above the M&S-level of players, there is no issues with admitting guilt, there is no shame in saying "I screwed up, sorry, I'll try not to do it again." and pay the repairbill for that wipe, alongside a small "sorry for wasting your time" penalty.

It is quite logic. You singlehandedly managed to wipe the raid. You might not have known that doing whatever you did would result in catastrophic proportions as a wipe is, but then again, you should have. We who raid expect the rest of the members of the raid to actually know what the hell they are doing, as well as having read up on tactics.
If you didn't know what to do, but still went on, you're -especially- to blame for it. It does not take much to press the "No" button when the readycheck comes up and clarify whatever you are uncertain of. We can spend 2 more minutes explaining you the part you don't understand if you just ask us.

There is no need for advanced math, such as "You did that task, so that's X, while you did that task, so that's Y" and then add all that into a long-dwindled formula. It's simply "You cost each of us X-amount of gold and we lost Y-amount of time, due to running back, rebuffing and get ready again." And that amount is roughly about 300 gold.

Now, some people argue that this rule will work as a deterrent against signing up or doing certain tasks. Why? You are in the raid to fulfill a purpose. So it isn't to be on top of the damage-meters or healing-meters, why is that so bad? We're not here to show off our superiority over the rest we pug content together with. We're here to actually -do- the content. If a scripted fight requires some of us to do certain tasks, that task is important for the success of the raid and for those of us who are in the raid, the execution of that task is way more important than you being high up on the damage- or healing-charts.

If the task is not done, it won't matter where on the list you are, as we're all wasting time running back after we are all dead.

In that retrospective, if you're in the PuG to show off your superior skills, then you -want- to do those tasks. It's -your- efforts that makes us succeed if you do.

On a sidenote.. Some have even asked to be removed from the guild due to this simple rule. To those I have only one thing to say: "Good bye, dramaqueen. You're not the kind we want among our ranks."

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