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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Raid in WoW as a paladin: Holy? Retribution? Protection?

I like to look upon myself as a versatile person. I possess some cognitive and logic thoughtpattern, which allows me to adabt to whatever the game throws at me, as long as I can be allowed to analyze what happened and why it happened.

However, when I  raid in wow, there are three roles I can do as a paladin. Become the bringer of holy light and heal those in battle, a stalwart defender of the light and take staggering amounts of damage or become the righteous fury of the light and swing my weapon to enact the justice of the light upon my foes.

I started my raid carriere in WoW as a healing fortress. You can't quite put it any other way, with all my bubbles, plate armor and supportive capabilities. And I was quite good at it too. Tossing a lifesaving Hand of Protection on that overzealous damagedealer, taunting a mob off that squishy priest, perhaps even take a hit or two before shielding myself, giving the tanks time to grab the mob and so on.

But that was a long time ago. I left that role when the whole guild decided to abandon the server back in the days of heavy lag. The most crucial decision was to transfer to a completely different server than the rest. I was tired of excuses and bad performance, as well as all the drama.
And I transferred to a roleplaying server, more spesifically, Argent Dawn.

Where I hammered Adamantium bars into a mighty two-handed hammer, as well as some armor fitting for the task of becoming a zealot of the light, to enact the righteous fury upon my enemies. I became a damagedealer. And while I wasn't the one dealing the most damage, I was one of those who contributed the most. I boosted the whole raid in damage, simply by being present. I would boost the regeneration of mana to mana classes, reducing their need to spend time on mana regenerating abilities and potions. And if needed, I could provide healing by doing damage, simply by switching seals. I was as useful in this role as I had been while healing.

But that was then. I transferred to join Gevlon's experiment and I transferred once more to join his new experiment on Agamaggan.

I now raid mainly as a tank. Perhaps it is a choice I've made, but I do feel it was made for me. Not that I mind, it's just an exchange of what was my main specialization. From damagedealer to damagetaker.

To raid in World of Warcraft, you have to be able to adabt. And a change of roles are always nice.

But I think that perhaps I should try myself as a healer once more. Infact, I think I'll start gathering gear for that from now on. It's would be nice to try it with the talents we have now, before the cataclysm talents are introduced into the live servers.

So far I'm having fun doing what I do.

I can only hope that you do.

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