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Monday, July 5, 2010

The realisation that I need to improve

Last night, I went to Icecrown citadel with randoms from "The Pug" guild on Agamaggon.
I'm not the best geared among us, but I'm improving.

But last night made me realize something important: I got a long road ahead of me when it comes to improving myself.

Don't get me wrong, I do get better for each time I log on to raid now, a major factor that comes from raiding with people giving feedback to what I'm doing and who aren't blatant retards when it comes to their own behavior.

So what have I learned so far while raiding with people from "The Pug"?

At Professor Putricide I discovered a thing that should be done properly. Being the offtank, I was set to be an Abomination. In our first attempt, I didn't know exactly what to do, as it was my first time doing this encounter, so a little experimentation was needed. Adapting quickly is a trait I have, so figuring out that I had to be right on top of the Mutated Slime didn't take long.

What I was to discover in a later attempt, though, was that if you got two slimes next to each other, you should really stay in the dead center of each slime pool and get rid of one at the time. Standing a bit too close to the other, I was eating from both slime pools and that increased the time spent getting rid of them considerably. Considerably enough to allow more slime pools spawn. And if they grow large enough to flow into each other.. Well, let's suffice to say I didn't get to be an abomination any more, hehe. A small, but important thing to bring along to the next time we do him. (If I get to be an abomination again, that is.)

Another thing I learned, is that despite having decent gear, my damage-per-second-output is way too low for my own comfort. In fact, I started to feel ashamed over what I was putting out in my retribution spec.

Now, I've read up on rotations, gone through all the talents and picked all the correct ones and so on, I've practiced at training dummies, but I get the feeling that I keep doing something wrong. My DPS is too low to be competitive with others who have about the same gear as I do. I'm not sure if it's because of how I've gemmed or if I just simply am doing something very wrong in my rotations. Something is wrong and I know it. The only solution to this, however, is to figure out what.

It could be as simple as me just being a lousy player, but I'm allowed to dream, no?

When looking back at how the community in "The Pug" is, I have no regrets for joining. I  learn new things every day and it's inspiring me to play the game again. Not bad for a guy who was dreadfully bored of it.


  1. Your DPS wasn't bad at all, check the log parser (link in guildinfo). You came out #2 on PP kill, despite using JoL.

    The abomination will definitely need more practice as we easily oneshotted PP when someone else was Abo.

  2. My gripe isn't about where on the meters I'm placed, it's about the amount I'm doing.

    With the 25% buff, I should be doing more than what I were doing and I also see that when being retribution at other raids. It's lower than it should be.

  3. I am not an expert (I play a warrior), but I thought that maybe you have too much armor pen on your gear (trinket, axe etc). My understanding is that armor pen is pretty poor for a ret paladin.

    This is what EJ says about armor pen:

    "Armor Penetration
    ArP only affects about 35% of our damage, making it our least desired stat. 13.8 rating now gives you 1% armor piercing; unlike BC, you can no longer fully ignore boss or player armor via this stat. ArPen does NOT increase damage done by seals or judgements, just white damage, CS and DS."

  4. Well, the gear is a work in progress and what I got, was clear upgrades from what I had, so I'm stuck with those items until I find a replacement that's better.

    Hopefully, I'll get a new weapon soon, although I suspect if one does, we'll see quite the bidwar.