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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reasons of failure when a pick-up group raid in World of Warcraft.

Last night, we had a go at Halion again. He's an easy boss and the strategy to take him down is fairly simple.

Tank spanks, healers make sure we stay alive and the damagedealers do their thing. Those who get the bomb run away from the raid and get dispelled at a safe location.
Oh, and avoid the beams when in the shadowrealm.

That's about it.

And we failed and failed and failed. Because the boss was "easy".
This leads to several issues that will arise during the raid.

  1. The Away-From-Keyboard mode:  This is fairly common among raiders when encountering "easy" bosses. Sure, the boss may be easy if you pay attention and prepare for it as you would a more challenging one. Once you start zoning into the AFK-mode, things starts going avry. You do stupid mistakes, stand in fire or fail to notice your surroundings. Or simply locate yourself in a stupid place.
  2. Rising agitation levels when wiping: Let's face it. After the 3rd or so wipe, you start to get agitated. You start by looking at what others are doing wrong, as this is an "easy" fight and you've done it before, so you're not to blame. At least that's what you do before you start looking at the fight from an objective angle.
  3. The "Door is stuck, let's bash it down!" mentality: This seems to occur whenever people is affected by #2. And it is exactly what happened last night. Instead of stepping back and looking at what the hell we were doing wrong, it was "Buff up, let's go." and perhaps some minor tweaks that won't help much, as the criticism is only aimed at a few people, when almost everyone is doing stupid things. (This can be blamed on agitation levels, angered people do stupid mistakes they do not think about. Quite fun if you're the one railing them up, but not  so much in a raid.)
Now, we had all 3 of these last night.
When we wiped the first time, it was due to people dying of beams and me, as a first timer as tank in phase 2, turning the dragon too fast, so people got tailwhipped and some even managed to get a good breath-attack on themselves.

What happened after the wipe and while buffing was that I got scolded a little and getting a few good pointers on how to do it properly. Which is fine, I enjoy constructive feedback as it helps me improve.
But here I did the worst mistake. I didn't speak up about the placement of the rest of the raiders.

Looking at Halion, he's a dragon. And dragons got a pretty massive hitbox. You can stand pretty far away as a melee character and still hit with all of your attacks. Standing at max distance gives you a much better leeway in case the tank have to move the dragon quickly. But when the majority of the melees are close enough to tickle Halion's privates, you can imagine the margin they got for being hit by a tailswipe if the tank have to turn him. And they got hit about each and every time I had to align the dragon in correlation to the orbs that spawn the beam between them.

In my opinion, if you feel that you got to be that close to the dragon, you're doing something wrong.

This could mean two things: They were in AFK-mode or couldn't be arsed to position themselves properly, as the healer can just heal them.

It became evident that it was AFK-mode that was the culprit, as this happened on every attempt after this as well. And after two wipes, people started to get agitated as well.

I was replaced as the maintank and should only tank in phase 3 now. But the same thing happened. We wiped. People kept dying from the beam. Stupid mistakes, really. Some were sort of valid excuses, such as having consumption thrown at them and while scurrying to a safe spot to not wipe the raid, they didn't notice the orbs or that the beam was to be activated in a matter of seconds.

I know I did that atleast twice (after we got a new tank as someone left and he only got a tank spec, so I got to deal some damage instead. Yay!). You get that "Oh, crap, gotta move!" feeling and drop everything, just run. And just as you is pretty satisfied with yourself for getting away from the rest and not causing a wipe, you notice the timer flashing with 1 second remaining, you see the orb right infront of you and all you can thing of is "Fffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu". And then you're dead.
Pretty funny actually, when I think of it. Just mighty inconvenient for the rest of the raid.

In the end, we didn't down Halion. A huge failure.

And it was all due to one thing: We did not stop to reflect on what we were doing wrong. Instead of opening the door, we bashed our heads at it, hoping it would open. The mess we made on every attempt were not addressed and as we became agitated, we made more and more mistakes.

A short break and a breakdown of what went wrong and what we should do to remedy our failures was what we should have done. We did not and thus, we failed.

Let us just hope that we've learned from our mistakes.
After all.. Halion is pretty easy. If we do it right.

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