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Thursday, July 1, 2010

So you got hacked. Give up or get back on track?

Last night when running some heroics for the emblems, a healer in the group was running around with just some pants and a few rings. When confronted with this, as it caused party members to die, due to a lack of mana, he confessed that he had been hacked and everything he had had gotten deleted.

This got me to thinking. If I somehow managed to be stupid enough to actually hand out my login information and lost everything my character had, including gold, what would I do?

Give up and stop playing?

Or would I simply start over with a new character?

For me, none of those options are viable.

Let us say I'm completely naked. No gold, no gear, just my two professions.
Now, I have 450 Blacksmithing and 444 Enchanting. No gathering professions, so no fast way to get gold from farming some mats there. While I could get some tip from people after offering my services to trade, that's not a reliable source of income. After all, all my mats in the bank is gone. I may not even have my enchanting rod or blacksmithing hammer. Since I'm impatient, I'll rule out my professions for this guide.

So, let's start with some funding. Being broke, there's one certain way to get gold fast and easy and that's by doing some dailies.

Assuming you have no emblems left:

#1: Go do the Argent Crusade mounted dailies, those are doable naked. Those two alone should net you about 25 gold to your name. Also, head to Outland and do the daily memory-quest for Ogri-la. You should now have about 35-40 gold.

#2: If you are a caster, skip this step. If you're a melee, go visit the auctionhouse and buy a weapon. Doesn't matter if it's for level 70. Some weapon is better than no weapon.

#3: Go do the dailies at the isle of Quel'thalas. Yes, that's right. Doing the level 70 dailies will net you about 250 gold. Which is more than enough for step #4.

#4: Find out how much materials are needed to craft the blue pvp-set for your spec. If you can craft them yourself, even better, just grab the mats off either the Auctionhouse or the trade channel and make yourself useful.

While this gear may not be the best, it's more than adequate for starting out with heroics.

#5: Start doing heroics and gear up. Replace with tier 9 gear as fast as you can.

If you got emblems of frost and you can afford a Primordial Saronite, buy one and sell it. That should give you anything from 700 to 1000 gold. Then, if you got emblems of triumph, spend it on gear, then fill in the empty slots with the blue craftable pvp-gear.
Run some heroics and even better, get your self into a naxx run and you should be geared up nicely in mostly 226 and 232 gear.


  1. Good tips but I disagree with #4. Instead of crafted PvP gear, go to the reputation vendors and buy blue or ilvl200 epic PvE gear. Also apply to weapons.

    Other dailies come to mind:
    - all 3 Kaulak quests (you don't have to kill anything, they might aggro you, but you can run, or die and corpserun)
    - some of the PvP quests in grizzly needs item collecting
    - both Vyrmrest quests (dragonblight, coldarra) are mounted

    You can also start a DK alt, in 2 hours you are out of the starter zone with 50G and bags, you pick mining and herbalism and off you go to Elwyn/Mulgore

    You can fish naked, even if you don't have fishing skill, you can learn it from coppers and you can fish in pools with skill level 1.

    You can go PvP naked (you will suck, but still get honor) and buy ilvl 245 PvP gear

  2. Good points.

    The reason I would go with the craftable pvp-set, though, is that it's cheaper than the vendorbought set and if you got friends in the game, they might actually give it to you for free, since you got "hacked". While it's not the best, it's enough to get you through heroics. You won't top the meters, but you won't be useless either.

    And as always, you should replace whatever gear you got as soon as you either get a drop or get enough emblems.