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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surpassing your own expectations of failure and succeeding.

You may have experienced it yourself. You're doing something that you're so certain will fail, that you hardly even bother doing it. And then.. You somehow pull it through and cross the finishline a hairlength ahead of certain doom.

Like pulling too many mobs when doing a quest and you run, you're sure you're gonna die, but atleast you can make a run for it. And just as you're at your last healthpoint, you reach the range limit of the mob and it resets. It's a small "victory", but it makes me wish sometimes that my character was a male nightelf, just so I could write /dance to strike the pose where I grab my balls and make the thrust.
Or when your partymembers somehow manages to get themselves killed for some obscure reason, for instance the hunter misdirecting to the healer, (YES, that has happened! Twice!) causing everyone else to die and you're damn sure you're next, but atleast you'll go down fighting, so by using all of your cooldowns, potions and other trick in the book to take down that last mob, one swing away from hitting the ground and not getting up again..

And in the more epic term, last man standing and killing off that raidboss.

That feeling is sometimes the only reason I keep doing dungeons or doing those mindnumbing and boring quests.

So go out there, succeed when you're sure to fail. But never give up.
Give them hell.

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  1. Our paladin tank bubbling was how we beat Hardmode Mimiron the 2 times we completed it back when Ulduar was the progression raid. We would butt up against the enrage timer and just need an extra 2 seconds and he would enrage and nuke us to oblivion and the paladin tank would finish off the last little sliver of health on the last piece alive.

    That little bit of victory is what made the fight worth it.