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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Teaching the willing.

As many would guess, I'm arrogant and somewhat of an asshat towards those who can't tell their asses from their faces, more correctly labeled morons and slackers by Gevlon on his blog.

Most of the M&S I encounter is not worth the time and effort to even give tips on how to improve themselves, but sometimes, there is light in the darkness.

During a run in Pit of Saron with the LFG-tool, a rogue named Roguefemale, who were doing a low 1600-1800 DPS, asked the correct question in the party-chat to trigger my curiosity.

"Is my DPS still below 2000?".

This might warrant a small explanation, but that question is not something a typical M&S would ask.
Not "Link dps plz" or "lol dps" or any of the other M&S-behavior I've learned to dread so much.
Not the slacking attitude, nor a moronic question.

While the Damage-Per-Second were quite low, it was a question if she'd actually improved from when we started in the dungeon and until we were at Krick. And she weren't doing any noticeable mistakes either.


So after we finished the instance, I took the time to conversate a little with her and simply just told her this:

"You should work on your rotations, by the way."

Yes, this was a test to see what the reaction was.

And she answered the magical, correct answer: "Got any pointers on how to improve?"

Now, spending five extra minutes in the dungeon with her and seeing that her gearscore was at 3879, she didn't quite belive that she could do more than 1600-1800 DPS, but I told her about the Undergeared project and how they are doing quite nicely in Icecrown Citadel and despite having a gearscore of around 3300, they were pushing out 5000+ DPS. (Granted, the +25% buff helps somewhat there, but anyway.)

The tip I gave her were simple.

"Go read up on your class at the american forums and at shadowpanther.net, then go practice at the training dummies. You should be able to push atleast 1000 DPS more with your current gear."

Keep in mind, a 1000 DPS increase in her case would mean she were doing 2600 to 2800 DPS. Not the best, granted, but it would still be quite the improvement in her case.

Doesn't hurt to be nice now and then and teach those who are willing to learn. I can only hope that she does improve and that I didn't waste my time doing it, but I do have a feeling that she'll be performing a lot better ahead.

Good luck, Roguefemale. We might end up teamed again sometime and if so, I'll be expecting results!

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