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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ways to have fun by using the LFG tool: Nothing but your weapon.

After running heroic dungeons for a week, I've encountered many people who've done subpar damage. People doing less than 900 damage. Which I find hard to conceive how they manage to do.
I mean.. It's not like it's a hard task to figure out a basic rotation that yields more than that. I doubt even just autoattacking something yields that low damage.

So I figured I'd sign up for some heroics as an damagedealer. Que while in my dps gear and then just dress naked and only go with my weapon equipped. No rings, no trinkets, no nothing. (Although, for future runs, I should perhaps just go grab some lowlevel garments from a vendor, since draenei males look sort of disturbing when naked.)
This left me at 853 gearscore.

After about 15 minutes of waiting, I got a group and to the halls of lightening I went. To start with, noone seemed to notice my shiny, blue butt, prancing around like a cockatiel and /flexing to whomever looked my way.

After the first boss were down, the near 6k Gearscore tank simply stated "853 gs.. wtf?"
At that time, I was doing 1500-1600 dps, depending on the groups. If it was a single target, I could drop as low as to 1300 dps, but that was quite alright with me. After all, I wasn't there to be on top of the charts.

After some whining from the tank, though, I equipped my gear and went on bashing in skulls as I normally do. But only as the rest of the damagedealers in the group was doing around 3000 dps each.

I shall have to que as a damagedealer some more and see if I can find a group with someone dealing anything below 1500 dps. Then I shall dress naked again and compete on their level! And if that doesn't illustrate a point, then I'm not quite sure what will. Perhaps I should go grab a blue weapon instead? That would be kind of fun as well.

This might very well become a weekly post, with pictures and all. Because it is kind of fun to do.

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