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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome to the fray! Looking for more!

First of all, a shameless advertisement:

While "The Pug" are still growing, we are ever recruiting.
YES, you can still raid as whatever role you want, no matter your class and with
NO attendancy requirement, you are most welcome to raid whenever you want!

Now, on to todays post.

Caidai, who were part of the Inglorious Gankers project have finally transferred to Agamaggan! Why does this excite me so? Mainly because of our many hours together, bashing people's heads in at the Crossroads in the barrens. Also because he got an unhealthy knack of dying at trashmobs at raids, which is bloody funny to me.

Welcome to the fray, Caidai. Now I got a reason to work on my PvP gear again.

And for whomever else is reading: Feel free to join "The Pug". As long as you got a functional brain and are not afraid of using it, transfer or reroll on Agamaggan and toss one of us inviters a whisper.

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