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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Arid tasks: Leveling weapon skills

I've found some time, long overdue, to go through my gear and upgrade gems, enchants and basically balance what I got in accordance to my 'newly' obtained pieces of gear. 'Newly' because I've gotten them during the last two weeks, but haven't had the time or will of effort to add them to my current tanking set.

Basically, I've gained a new shield from Ulduar 10 and a new Tier 10 piece, both for my role as a tank. While I should probably have gotten Tier 10 pieces for my retribution set, seeing as cataclysm isn't far off and leveling is once again required, tanking is fun and hopefully, I'll get enough emblems of frost to get the retribution set upgraded soon.

But while the upgrades left me with a larger healthpool, my +hit suffered and I'm now not hit-capped. Disaster!!1111oneoneeleven. Well, not really, I got Falric's Wrist-chopper and with some enchanting, I'll be hit-capped again.

With one new problem arising: I've been using a one handed sword for tanking during all of Wrath of the Lich King. I haven't equipped a one handed axe since The Burning Crusade and even then, only when leveling, abandoning one handed axes at a skillevel of 126.

As many of you might know, there are some mobs in the Blasted Lands that were great for leveling weapon skills. You could just turn on autoattack on them and go do something else for 30 minutes at the time, only returning to refresh your seals or buffs or whatever your class preference were.
This was fixed a few patches ago. Not because of the easy way to level weaponskill, but because people apparently kited them to cities, which led to quite an annoyance for people trying to use the auctionhouse or hand in quests.

But they didn't apply this to Grol, the destroyer, a demon disguised as an Ogre, hidden in a hut in the North-Western part of Blasted Lands. Mainly because he would drop aggro pretty fast, that is, once you pull him outside of the small fort of his, he'll reset and run back, content after having chased you away.
While he may seem as an easy kill, he is, infact, immortal. You'll quickly reduce his healthpool to a measly one point score, but does that matter for someone that's immortal? Not in this case.

Suffice to say, I left my paladin in his care, with retribution aura on, just in case some of the other Ogres in there should aggro him. If I get a repairbill, that's a cheap investment, seeing as I've done pretty much nothing but show up, seal up with Seal of Light and put my back towards the wall after starting a fight with Grol and leaving my paladin there in Grol's tender care and loving hugs. While I went to work.

Can't help but wonder if my paladin will still be logged in and fighting when I get back, though.. :)


  1. When I still played, I used to level my weapons on ogre ghosts in the throne room of Dire Maul North (no need to do a Tribute Run).

    It's fun and easy plus I love this instance (and the whole Feralas!) :-)

  2. Before they fixed it I went to shadow labrynth and afk auto attacked the first boss while he was imprisioned. Even got knuckle sandwich achivement off of him.

  3. Oh what a great tip, been struggling that since wotlk and those annoying fixes :D