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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gearing up fast for raids in World of Warcraft.

The fastest way to get to 80 is, as everyone should know, by doing quests. And quests are best done as a damagedealer. (On a sidenote, you should get two gathering professions as well and keep them up to date. It will help immensely once you reach 80 in term of gold to spend on gear.)

From level 1 to 60, you get double the xp from quests and if you have heirloom items, you get 20% extra experience points from killing mobs as well.
The levels 60 to 70 is also best done by questing, but at 68, you can start queuing for instances as well, since you start getting emblems of triumph from your first random regular Lich King instance of the day. You should also pick up any quests you can get for the instances, as that will be quite a boost in a short amount of time.

Once you reach 80, you should have a decent damagedealing set from both questrewards and by what a crafter can make for you.
You can now start doing heroics. Each heroic will reward you with 2 to 6 emblems + 2 from random heroic (up to a max of 30 emblems a day.)

Now, here's the trick: Hire a tank and/or a healer to boost you for, let's say, 70 gold each instance.

A heroic can be done in 15 minutes, even less, so if you pay a tank 70g for each instance, the tank gets 280 gold an hour, as well as emblems. You get 4-8 emblems for each run, as well as gear. When it comes to tanking or healing gear, you should roll need on whatever is an upgrade to you. The less time you have to spend on getting the gear, the less gold you have to pay the booster and the less time you have to spend to get ready to raid with your character.
So spend 700 gold for 10 runs and you should be somewhat decently geared as a tank or healer, as well as having a tier 9 piece.

For tanking, once you reach 535 defense, you're ready to tank heroics on your own, so you don't have to pay a tank to boost you.

Or you could simply just say "Screw tanking/healing, I'll just hire a tank and get instant queues and upgrade my dps gear instead."


  1. Two gathering professions?
    I find just concentrating on one is enough to gather items while leveling using two seems to divert me from the main task of leveling and seems a bit like low level farming. When you get to eighty it is generally cheaper (in time terms) to buy rather than farm.
    Also keep an eye on the auction house for good profession recipes although quite rare now while leveling. The right ones can provide a reasonable income when you reach eighty as well as an some ready equipment.
    When you get to eighty some PvP honor equipment is ok as a heroic/beginner raid equipment and honor is cheap to farm atm. Also there is some boe equipment available from emblem vender not the best though but this assumes you have emblems on a different charcter.
    Also try to plan upgrades by spending time thinking and not grinding you can as always save time.

    Btw nice little item to get people thinking about when they reach 80 :)

    PS Do you recommend joining a old raid ie as it gives raid experience as well as upgrades not requiring the higher level equipment to do? raid example - Naxx.

    PS2 Which sources of information do u recommend for deciding on upgrades. i use to use maxdps.com although i think this is at best a rough guide.

  2. Well, you should obviously pick skinning as your first gathering profession. You'll be killing a lot of skinnable mobs, so that one will keep itself up to date, as well as your pockets filled.

    For the other one, you should simply check your auctionhouse for what is the most profitable. In my case, mining seems to be the best pick at the time being.

    As to joining old raids, such as naxx, that's encouraged, since you'll be getting emblems from the bosses anyway and all upgrades are upgrades, no matter how short you'll be using them.

    When it comes to what's the best source? Well.. It's usually located between your ears and some myths locates it way lower on men.
    Maxdps is a nice tool, but I'd rather go with rawr, as you can compare your current gear with upgrades quite accurately.

    The advantage of using your brain and some simple math, is that you can see that you shouldn't always put your trust on what the itemlevel is, but in what the stats themselves offer.
    There are loads of gear of lower gearlevels that's better statwise than higher ranked ones for your class.

    The best trick here is to know what you got and what you lack. Makes it a lot easier to decide on upgrades.