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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Raiding with "The Pug": Ulduar 10-man hardmodes

Last night, we went to Ulduar 10, to do hardmodes and get the achievements. I stopped raiding back when Ulduar were somewhat new, so I never really got to attempt any hardmodes. Not that the raiding community I was a member of back then would have managed to do any, they were way to social to point the finger at people making mistakes and telling them to up the ante or get replaced.

After wiping once on the Flame Leviathan, since not many of us had a clue what to do during hardmode and because of a premature start of the event by someone who was a tad triggerhappy, we downed him with 2 members of the raid alive. For some odd reason, those who were dead had released during the fight, while me and another member of the raid were playing the run-for-whatever-you-hold-dear-game with Leviathan and winning. With the Flame Leviathan nibbling on our behinds ever so gently, me frantically using the cannon on the ground to kill off the lashers (and Flame Leviathan getting caught in the crossfire), we somehow managed to get the job done.

The expressions from the rest of the raid says it all. "wtf?"
And also, as Gevlon chimed in "You killed him while we were outside?". That actually caused me to check the chatlogs for any resemblance of the order "wipe it", which I couldn't find.
Still kind of funny and we got the achievement.

After oneshotting Ignis, we went on to XT-002, where Gevlon actually managed to get himself killed. Due to autorun. Short story short, XT-002 went down in one go and we went on to kill the Iron Council, Kologarn and the crazy cat lady.

At Holdir, we encountered some problems.

In "The Pug", we have a rather uncommon problem; most of the members are either tanks or healers. Or both. It's fairly easy to explain, as most of the members are readers of Gevlon's blog, The Greedy Goblin and thus many have a goblinish mindset on how to play the game. It's also likely (I'm guessing) the reason so few are online at the time, since they are waiting for the community to grow large enough for 25 man.

As you may be aware of, I've lately changed from retribution, or damagedealer if you prefer, to holy, so that I can heal. Most of the time, I'm asked to tank, so my raiding experience as holy is, at the time being, rather limited.

So we went ahead, with me as holy the first attempt, then wiping on purpose due to the timelimit was up. Went back to prot to do damage instead, but we still faced the inevitability of the timer, so we wiped on purpose again. We did this a couple more times, before I went to visit the trainer and replace my holy spec with retribution.

While this helped, we had some noobish errors done by some of the raid members, such as not getting on the snow or moving out of where the snow would fall, causing them to be knocked back or frozen. This was rectified and down he went (with a few seconds to spare.)

We decided to call it a night there and continue on Sunday.

All in all, I gained some new items to replace some of my tanking gear and some of my healing gear. Not a shabby run and it was fun.


  1. I was sure that FL is wiped so released. Stupid mistake.

    Today I also surrendered to the market forces and scrapped my PvP spec, replacing it with Elemental DPS. So I'm DPS/heal now to fix situations where we have 7 tanks/healers.

  2. There should be a financial penalty for such idiotic mist... y'know, I almost said "mistakes", but there's no such thing. Only laziness.

    Too lazy to hold down an arrow key, too lazy to read strats, too lazy to bother continue a fight when one or more people are dead.

  3. Well, as it wasn't a gdkp run, but a run for achievements, we had a higher tolerate margin for errors due to our gear.

    It was also the first time in Ulduar for some of the puggers, but once being notified of what they did wrong, they fixed it.

    We also had some bad luck in one attempt with the big snowpatch covering the symbol of where a smaller iceblock would fall. That knocked all the ones gathering on the snowpatch back outside of it and *bam* flash freeze on everyone!

    That was kind of funny to see.