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Monday, August 23, 2010

Raiding is not everything

Last night, I got home too late to join in on a raid in ICC with the ones starting at 19:00 and there weren't enough people online to form a 2nd raid. It's a shame, really, we got 159 accounts in the guild, but not enough people online to form a 25 man or even two 10-mans.

But, raiding is not everything. As we abandoned the 2nd 10-man raid, I noticed that Energybomb, one of the miniature creatures in the game, known also as gnomes, was trying to recruit people in the guild to go conquer Halaa.

Halaa brings back memories from when I was on Argent Dawn, an Roleplaying server. We would arrange huge battles there, with over 100 people participating. It's a genious place, since everyone can participate, no matter their pvp-skill or gear. You get killed easily? Go pick a ride with a bomber and bomb the guards to the burning nethers!

It's a well designed place that's easy to defend against melee assaulters, tactical locations for ranged (Hide in the trees or on rooftops, nuke whomever passes by,) and a dream for players with any sort of mindcontrol capabilities. *Zoink* and off the bridge you go!

But that was then and last night at Halaa.. Well, it was only me and Energybomb and a deathknight I can't remember the name of. (No offense, if you're reading this blog. I'm terrible with names. :))
And since it was infact only the three of us, I was free to gather the guards and let the lower levels simply bomb them to pieces.

It was not as fun as having to fight off players defending Halaa, but it was fun none-the-less.

Later on, there was an open spot for a damagedealer at Professor Putricide, so I scrambled what gear I had, voiced my interest and managed to get repaired, restocked on flasks and went on my merry way to ICC.

PP died, but only after a few wipes, which troubles me. We should be beyond wiping on normal modes now.


  1. are you from Ad denethal this is Thernil, im also from Argent dawn horde side, and i remember those rp pvp battles.

    I played a rogue in Factio Funestus.

  2. Yes, I used to play on horde side on Argent Dawn.