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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rejected applications to "The Pug"

Yesterday, Gevlon posted an example about some individual that was refused membership to "The Pug", because of the name.
While it's a completely valid rejection, as the name is retarded, the individual behind it did prove herself (and yes, I'm assuming it's a she,) to be just that.

Or, as people with some understanding of how our brain works would say, she did a good job in trying to enact the social mindset on me. I'll just post the chat and let you decide yourself:


  1. I know its an silly question but what makes this name so offensive and retarded. I looked up rofl so i think it could mean :-
    Roll on floor laughing idiots
    Ran out for lunch idiots

    I must mean something else?

  2. I could give a long and winded explanation that it ruins my game immersion, seeing a "hero" named Rofldots getting an achievement together with me as we save the world from certain doom, but..

    Yeah.. "Rolling on the floor laughing dots" just doesn't cut it.

  3. It's not offensive, it's just stupid.
    Rofldots means: Rolling on the floor laughing damage over time (spells).

  4. As further fuel to the fire (and something I wish Gevlon had used in his posting about this person) the guild that rofldots is in is more proof that the rejection was valid. All caps name? Abysmal spelling? Check and check.

  5. It's part of the PuG rules, no stupid names. Much like nightclubs / bars / pubs having a 'No trainers' door policy.

  6. As someone validly pointed out, being a female, Jew or German is something you didn't personally choose, you were just born as, while the name of your character in WoW is something you, the player, chose. Real life name wasn't chosen by you, only your parents, but your toon's name was chosen by yourself, therefore represents your mentality.

    If you name a character something that doesn't resemble a name (seriously, would you name your firstborn "Rofldots"? No, and I doubt it's a canonical Night Elven name either), then you're probably just a loller and better avoided.

    Yeah, they play "y so srs" card, you know what? I like being goddamn serious about what I do, do things properly or don't do them at all. Next time when you ask them why they have no enchants or do 3k dps with ICC 30% buff or stand in a fire, they'll reply again "y so srs, it's just a game".

    Yeah, it's just a game. And I don't wanna play with you. You can use "discrimination" card if you have rights to something like a job or health care, but a game? No one can tell me who I will group with, it's me and the people's I play with mutual agreement.

  7. Why isn't Loozerr a 'retarded name?

    It does seem to be an especially good name but...