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Friday, August 20, 2010

Right! Back on track! (And Ulduar hardmodes)

As you may have noticed, my post-ratio have gone to the low the last few weeks. This is purely due to two things: Me participating in an opera (Aida) and having to do extra shifts at work, because the boss was smart enough to send one of his employees (his son) on vacation during the same period of time. Ergo, not much time alotted for playing world of warcraft for me. Atleast until this saturday, when the last show is over.

Last night, we went to Ulduar. Well, I got home from work just in time to fill in as an replacement for someone who had to go at Yogg'saron +1. Seeing as I now have tank and damagedealing specs, I was sent into the madness that is Yogg'saron's brain.

It took a few tries to get everything right, my keybindings were sort of a mess in my damagespec, as they were still set for healing, making me HoP myself on about every cooldown, instead of using Hand of Reckoning, which I tend to do on mobs and objects that are non-tauntable in instances, such as Yogg'saron's brain or simply as an opener on mobs I'm to nuke down fast, such as the tendrils inside beforementioned brain. (Instant 1200+ damage every 8 seconds isn't bad.)

Some of the raidmembers got their Glory of Ulduar achievement and the 310% mount, which is nice for them, but not for me, as I got to do it next week instead. Which isn't really a bad thing, Ulduar is a great instance, I just wish there were more tasks for the ones involved in the fights during hardmodes. Such as rogues having to disarm bombs or traps, hunters having to trap or kite mobs more, etc, etc. Perhaps having paladins HoP an NPC that's boosting raid performance, etc.

On a sidenote, Gevlon have reintroduced the morons of the week posts in a modified version. Instead of one post every saturday, he's now posting one moron each day in addendum to his normal posts. Yay!

(I wish I had screenshotted what I experienced last night. A healer complaining about me not tanking mobs properly when he insisted on standing right on top of me and got smothered to the floor by the AOE damage those mobs do. I need to make myself an addon that records chat, positions of partymembers and combatlogs, so that I can parse it into a replay function.)

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