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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alterac Valley: Now and then.

For those who enjoyed Alterac Valley during vanilla, I'm sure you're sharing the same viewpoint as I am.

It was a long way to victory back then. A single fight could last for days. I even attended one where it lasted for a full week. The battle raged back and forth, none were willing to let the other part gain an inch foothold and would sacrifice everything to regain what was lost.

It was a time when gathering materials to upgrade guards were useful and a smart thing to do. Gathering forces to escort windriders back to base and supply them with the needed items to get them airborne. Or to help gather rams or wolves for the riders. Or enough blood to summon the respective lords.

It was a time where those who bothered to utilize tactics would succeed and bring glory to the faction they were on. It was a fun time. You could litterary gather a small group and sneak into the fort and cause a huge collapse in the front lines, allowing your faction to gain important foothold and advance.

A very valid tactic for the horde was to take the high path up and above the stormpike graveyard, then charge across the bridge and capture the first aid station and hold the bridge until reinforcements would arrive. A rare occurance, but a very valid one. It depended on if the rest would follow suit or not.

Todays Alterac Valley have changed drastically. Both in tactics and how the whole area is designed. Strengths and weaknesses of the valley have been adjusted to simplify how the whole battle is progressing.

If you kill an opponent of the opposing faction, they lose reinforcements. This was, to put it mildly, the best thing they implemented in regards on how to speed things up. No matter how much people ignored tactics and went on grinding, it would lead to victory for whatever side was the most successful in slaughtering the opposing side.

Or you could simply rush. This seems to be the most common tactic. A bullrush through the opposing factions towers, cap them, leave a small force behind and charge on towards the next and then finally the main base. And then, apparently, it's all about spamming for "Who's tank?!?"

I miss the old times. Everything in this game seems to have turned into a bullrush.
Gear is so easily obtained that it's a shame to have less than 5000 gearscore, which is an easy feat, since most heroics can simply be bullrushed and AOE grinded until you're so sick of it that you just want to quit the game. And you can grab some nice reputation along the way if you wear the correct tabard, saving you even more time in gathering those epics.

I kind of miss the old times. But we must press on and play the game as we want to, not how everyone else want it to be. That's where the fun is.


  1. Ahh, memories...

    Yep, AV way back in vanilla WoW was a real "epic" battle -- especially cool watching a summoned Lord finally start plowing through the other side's defense.

    Miss that big scale feeling.

    At the same time, don't miss people spamming constantly "let's do Korrak the Bloodrager!" (there was a time when you had to kill the guy for your Iced Barbed Spear). Or, after hours and hours of back-and-forth pvp, having to leave just before the game ended.

    The 5-min zerg bypassing everything but the enemy boss trivialized AV way too much, even if it was more rewards-per-minute ("don't turtle, just lose and requeue!" Ugh).

    Hope they can eventually come up with a happy medium for AV. It's still my favorite BG for all the hours I spent in it and the great potential it has for awesome pvp....

  2. I'll second that - AV has always been my favorite BG. The old days are quite surely dead though and somehow I doubt that Blizzard will ever give us old timers any of the good that they've done away with to benefit the bad.

  3. The major flaw with the revamping of AV is that where it took too long to finish one, it now takes so short a amount of time that you don't get to enjoy it.

    It's not about who employs tactics anymore, it's about who zergs the fastest. And that's what everybody does.

    I just hope they revamp it again in cataclysm.