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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stop being lazy! Read up on tactics!

Lately, more and more people have reached 80 and even gotten themselves ready to join "The Pug" in ICC 10 and 25 man. But I'm seeing a tendency that's causing some concern for me.

The Pug is supposed to be a guild filled with people who behaves like non-m&s, i.e no leetspeak or coming unprepared for fights. I can get not showing up with a flask, as you simply were unable to get ahold of the one you normally use and other minor stuff like that. That's not what I'm concerned about.

No, it's the people who seem to not read up on tactics. It doesn't take long to alt-tab out to a strategy guide for the boss we're up against next and spend a minute to update yourself on what to do. Lately, it's been a lot of 25-man raids, which is good. The loot table is better, the pot bigger and so on.

But why on earth do we have to call it "progress raids"? We're NOT here to learn fights from scratch! The tactics have been out for months, PROVEN tactics! This isn't progress. Progress is when you're the first one there and have to figure out everything on your own since there's no guides there to study.
This is pure lazyness and nothing more.
We may be doing 25-man, but what I see is that we've started to slip up on the slacker part in our experimental guild. People have started to expect to have the fights explained to them, as they can't be arsed to read up on it themselves. "LOL" have started to sneak into guildchat and raidchat.

And this annoys me. People have started to get to know eachother, which is all good and well, but we do have a channel for chitchat and other nonsense bullshittery, guild and raidchat is not it. I think it's time we start returning to the original purpose and start behaving like we should; by not letting things like this infest us.

Some will probably say that it's a minor thing, but it's what brought me to this project in the first place. A place where people were NOT behaving like m&s, where they did what they were supposed to be doing, without the rest of the raid telling them to.

I will be the first to admit that I've gone to fights without knowing the proper tactics for it. This mostly due to getting a whisper for "ICC 10/25?" and off I go. But I do tab out and grab the strategy guide and read up while people buff or repair. Or ask for a repairbot, since they apparently doesn't know that you can repair just inside the entrance, where we just ran past after another unneccesary wipe.

Yes, this is a rant, but I think it was high due that I had one.


  1. And what do you do about it? I don't remember receiving a screenshot from you with someone lol-ing. I warned several people for "i", "u", or even "lol".

    I also gave half pot to 2 people who shown up unenchanted/ungemmed. I spotted them both, no one (including you) whispered me "X came unprepared). When we pointlessly wipe, I fine the offender by 300/750.

    I'm equally annoyed by people who are not prepared, but until we have enough people to choose who comes to 25-men and who sits out (as opposed to having to take every living body), such people will be present.

    Don't expect miracles! The rules are one thing, enforcing them is on the other hand hard work.

  2. Well, Gevlon, coming unprepared for raids falls down to the raid leader to check. And as you may have noticed, I'm seldom, if ever, there for when the raids normally starts and I jump in when there's an open spot. Given these criterias, I can only assume that you've weeded out the ones with no enchants or gems, as you're the one who's in charge of inviting people to your raid. If you expect me to inspect everyone who's already in the raid upon myself joining, then you shall have it. ;)

    And no, I'm not expecting miracles, keep in mind that this was just a rant.

  3. Oshit, you used a winking smiley face :O

  4. There's a difference in using a smileyface now and then to iterate and convey a point and using them in every sentence there is.