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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bored of playing? Indefinately so.

There are things that occur to you in the game that makes you stop and think about what you are doing. It may be a comment from a player, a quest or perhaps just a realization of what you are doing.

It's been a while since I logged onto my character, not because I don't like raiding or killing some time doing other inane things, like trying to level the fishing skill. I've just recently maxed out my cooking skill as well, mostly by coming over someone selling northern spices dirt cheap on the auction house and going to the valley of Hodir reputation grind to.. well.. Let's just say that I've put a dent in the mammoth population there.

It's an ideal place to gather frozen meat and chunks o' mammoth, with the packs of roaming mammoths spawning all the time.

3 hours of grinding and I went from 375 to 450 by the meats I gained there. Not too shabby, but boring work. All to get the ability to make fish feasts.

But all the action during the last weeks have rendered me bored. Immensly bored of the game. There's no real storylines to dwell deep into which I haven't already done on one of my characters beforehand and raiding is fun, but.. I've seen it all now. So to speak.

I could try to arrange my own raids, sure, but that's too much work with too little credit and rewards.

So I'm taking a break from WoW and enjoying my time on other stuff. But for now, I'll reduce my play time to once or twice a week. It will be nice with a short vacation.

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