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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Leveling a hunter - The paladin is on vacation


I'm leveling a hunter. A Worgen hunter, as it is.

Honestly, I don't know. I dinged 85 and did a few instances and some heroics.
But there was something about how it was to play a paladin now, compared to then, that just did not relay properly the feeling of actually playing one to me.

It just feels like I'm playing something completely different, but yet is proclaimed to be the same thing. It could be the feeling of having to watch another cooldown and count the amount of holy power gained or spent or just how annoying the RNG factor is now. Earlier, it was.. "Meh.." But now.. "HNNNGH! Why'd it have to proc -now- and be activated on a queued action instead of assigning it to the action after, where I'd actually have any use for it?"

It's annoying. The Art of War kicks in and is consumed by whatever instant, off cooldown, ability you press next. And for a class where hitting whatever ability is off cooldown is imperative to substaining your DPS, that is quite annoying. It annoyed me the whole road from 80 to 85.

Just another bloody cooldown we have no real control over.

So I found myself thinking about switching to a different class. Hunter.

I grabbed a heirloom bow I had on a warrior I had leveled when bored and created MacKinley, the worgen.
And from the very beginning, I told myself that leveling speed could go to hell. I want to see and experience the game and if that means having to do grey quests to finish off storylines, so be it.

Level 40 and I'm still not out of Stonetalon Mountains. On the path so far, I've done Gilneas, Darkshore and Ashenvale in full. Every single quest.

And I've had fun. And since I picked up Herbalism and Skinning, I'm also making some nice gold. Not that I got anything to use the gold on than whatever the class trainer wants for new skills and abilities, but that doesn't bug me.

At all.

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