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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dear tanks:

I am currently leveling a shaman, as the hunter got.. well.. boring to play.

But.. Dear tanks using the LFG tool:

Stop skipping packs of mobs!

Seriously. We're here to farm XP, so that we can level up, not Justice Points. While we do get a nice amount of XP when finishing the dungeon, that is minor to what is inside the dungeon itself.

For instance, Auchenai Crypts, who are at the same level as my shaman, provides 927 to 975 xp per trashmob. (Or ((975+925)/2) = 951 overall xp per mob.)
This is with 20% bonus XP-gain from heirlooms and 10% from guild, wich most of the tanks I've encountered so far seem to have.

I get 10750 xp for completing the instance from the LFG tool.

So.. Give or take, I'd say that Auchenai Crypts got atleast 100 trashmobs we can kill. (I'll extract an log later to give a more correct number.)
Operating with that number, I get 95100 xp inside Auchenai Crypts on average.

Now, why would you skip as much as possible of this xp-pool, just to finish the instance faster?

I don't get that..


  1. I can't speak for all tanks, but when I'm leveling a tank, I run instances between 60-68 for fun and gear, not xp. Questing in outlands is fast and easy, you never run out of quests in a zone and the mobs are more tightly packed in outlands than in northrend.

    Now from 68-85, the situation is reversed. I dislike questing in blizzard's new model, the overchaining and more spread out mobs makes it much more tedious, and I rely more on instances for xp at those levels.

    If a majority of the group informed me they wanted to full clear, I would do it, but I wouldn't full clear when I wasn't planning on it if just one dps asks. I probably would if the healer asked, though.

  2. I can see your point, but those of the tanks who do level through dungeons (that I've encountered so far) seems to be in a hurry to finish the current one, so they can start a new one, for some odd reason, when the time spent clearing the whole instance (without going out of your way to kill stuff), provides a much larger return in accountance of XP.

    There are hardly any packs that isn't dead within 30 seconds, so you add perhaps a total of 5 minutes to the run total.

    That's 9 packs (if 5 minutes - time for moving and looting). And since most packs are in groups of 3 to 5, that's 25700~ to 42800~ XP extra a run.

    Oh, and why do everyone leave the party once the dungeon is done, if they are to requeue immediately afterwards and the party was kicking ass and having a cup of tea while doing it? (I.E not breaking a sweat, even with huge pulls.)

  3. Mage alt at 65. Had a group of 4 who chained 5-6 instances back to back, with just the tank dropping and being replaced each time, last night. Funny thing is, we got an instaqueue every time, because it was healers, not tanks, who were the bottleneck (anyone who remembers the DK era will probably be refusing to heal Outlands instances).

    Bosses die in a literal 10 seconds. It's sad.

  4. Yep, they've nerfed the outland instances way too much. There's no challenge there at all.

    Duoing instances in outland is not a problem at all. Shaman tank with a healer? Works just fine and the DPS is good enough to ensure a decent progress for the two of us..