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Monday, May 23, 2011

Lack of dungeon-sets.

I've been leveling my Dwarf Shaman lately and I have noticed a few things, most notably concerning armor.

With the heirlooms, you look the same all the way until the heirlooms have outlived their use. But there are those who are new to the game and thusly, lack heirlooms.

And to be honest.. They look like clowns, most of the time. Simply because what gear is offered to them from quests and dungeons doesn't have any set or tiers worth gathering, since most of the time, you'll outlevel items fairly quick.

But then you look at the tiered gearsets, where all the pieces put together makes you look able to put your action where your looks are. Simply put, with a few exceptions, you look awesome with a matching set. (Yes, Paladin Tier 5 set! I'm looking at you, you power ranger wannabe!)

The tiered gear is not really hard to obtain, you just have to possess a minimal of mental capability, such as "D'uh, fire is bad, don't stand in it." or "D'uh, of course I have to enchant and gem my gear, they are half the stats!" and of course, to know how do perform their role. (A 5 minute practice at the training dummy will weed out most of your bad buttonmashing and allow you to correct your performance a lot.)

So, what's the reason behind letting people look like clowns when they level up, instead of easy to obtain dungeonsets while leveling?

To give them the illusion that once you reach maxlevel, you'll look cool. Doesn't matter if you are, you will look like it.

That being said.. I want dungeonsets! Gear, that when combined as you level, will provide you with bonuses that makes the lower level pieces worth hanging on to.

If Blizzard wants us to look upon ourselves as heroes while we level, they could atleast provide us with gear making us look like heroes as well, not clowns!

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