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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A reason for why people do not follow tactics?

So, I've started to gather a pvp-set. The old one went out the window when I cleaned out my inventory a few months back, since I was running out of space and frankly, I didn't really care what was left in the bags. I was not that overly active in any aspect of the game anyway.

Gathering gear is.. Not exactly rocketscience. Go bash some heads in, receive honorpoints, rince and repeat until you got all the gear you can buy for honor.

Now, if it was just as simple to deal with all the idiots in the battlegrounds, it would be great. There are a few individuals that simply refuses to do what everyone else is doing.
This is done for several reasons:
  • Don't like the current tactic.
  • Here to have "fun". (Despite ruining the game for 9-xx other people playing.)
  • Doing quests relevant to the battleground.
But there is one reason I think many do not consider when summing these people's behaviors up:

The game itself teaches you that you are the hero, not the NPC's, not other players. You. It is you who are the leader in the group, because it is you whom are addressed when handing in the quest. Whomever else is in your group is reduced to NPC's that's not worth mentioning.

This also applies to raid environments.

All quests put you on the pedestal as the superior commander that succeeds where everyone else fails.
You are the glorious one, the honorable one, the savior of the day. Forget about your role in the raid or group. Even if you die 10 seconds into the fight, you are the hero, not the rest.

They are just your support units.

So, if you take this into consideration, is it any wonder you have people who are unable to follow instructions for tactical manouvers given by other players?
After all, you are suddenly not the valiant hero any more, to follow that persons tactic would mean that you are not the commander any more. Not in charge.

You are suddenly reduced to being an NPC in some other persons strategy game.

And that does not go well with everyone, especially those which ego have been boosted on their path from 1-85.

I guess that's why they say that at level 85, a whole new game appears. You suddenly have to learn how to cooperate and to share the spotlight.

So what can we do about this?

Give them a rebirth and let it be traumatizing.
To illustrate,  level 1 to 85 can be looked upon being in your mothers womb for 9 months. It's nice and dandy and you're well taken care of. You are the center of the universe.
But you go through the birth (Ding 85!) and now it's time to take on a much larger world, with other people.

Congratulations! You are now a level 1 again!

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