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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A suggestion to Blizzard: Fast rerolls.

There is one thing that I would like to see in World of Warcraft, that only one class in the game currently have: A fast way to reroll on a different server without having to transfer your character.

This is something Deathknights can do, starting the game on a different server at level 56 instead of level 1 every other class must do. Granted, you're required to have a sufficient high enough level character to actually pick the Deathknight class, but that's perfect as it is.

So, what I would like to see, is this:

If you are playing on server A with, let us say, a Mage, whom you raid with, do PvP with or maybe you are an avid roleplayer, like I used to be.
But, if you're to play on a different server, you have two options today:
  • Reroll (Level 56 if you're playing a Deathknight, or level 1 for every other class.)
  • Transfer your character to the new realm, leaving every friend you've made behind.
Now, I would like to see a third option, or rather, an addition to the reroll option:
  • Reroll: If your new character is the same class as one maxlevel character you got on a different server, you can choose to either start as level 1 OR as level 56. (With a starting set, based on your class, the same way as Deathknights do. Gear worth 1c a piece)
Instead of having to play through a tutorial, as the Deathknights do, the character starts at the given race/class location fitting the character. (Dwarven spellcasters in the mage quarters of Ironforge, Human Paladins in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, etc)

Why do I want this option?

Simply put, having to play through all the levels is quite a time consuming task to undertake. And frankly, it's not always worth the effort to transfer away your main character to the new server if it's just to play with friends on the new server, whom may be not quite that good raiders or that into PvP as you are. And if you're in the Arena-PvP, transferring away is only really doable if you're not high ranked or between the seasons.

Heck, make it cost you 5$/€ to do this kind of reroll, it's well worth the money, not having to play the same class from level 1 once again.

(Or even 20$/€ to start at level 80 or somesuch, you do not need to "learn how to play your class" if you already have a level 85 of that class.)

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  1. It's level 55, but otherwise I agree with you.