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Monday, June 6, 2011

You're a hero! (But a stupid/evil one..)

Yep. Another post in regards of the leveling process of 1-85.

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, you are the very definition of a hero while leveling. All your actions leads you to become the unquestionable legend hero of the world of Azeroth you hear in the stories of old. You are the knight in shining armor, always there to save the day and always emerging victorious, no matter how dire and unfathomable dangerous the task infront of you are.

But.. You are also a stupid hero. Literally. Your legend of heroism is based mostly on you doing stupid things and surviving to tell the tale.

You are presented with menial tasks and expected to deal with them. Even if that menial task is something the NPC's could so easily have managed to do themselves. Or the task at hand could easily be done with your class skills. Only to see an NPC use that exact same skill to do the exact same thing with Private Pollard. (Yes, I'm playing a shaman.)

Combine this with you being asked to do quite stupid things, wich you will do. Such as blowing up a cultist cauldron. (Admit it, you put all 12 bottles in as well!)

Of course, there is also "diplomatical" missions, wich basically is you being an evil bastard and trying to scam the targeted party out of whatever is in their possession. Either by offering glass pearls for land or by outright slaughtering their leader or just all of them.

These are random acts of violence that makes you join the legends. Such as slaughtering eels, just because "eels are icky!"

This goes on all the way from 1-85. You're the hero! But could you go do this for me first? (Warning, will most likely tarnish your reputation and brand you as the most evil being ever to have walked the ground of Azeroth.) Oh, great! You're my hero!

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